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Magic, but not as you know it!

Gerry Hennessey​​

Unconventional Magician and Actor

Combine - MindEffex and CardEffex
Twice the Entertainment and Twice the Memories

One of his most popular bookings is a combination of both intimate shows.

Starting with him seated at a table performing remarkable "CardEffex" for 15 minutes or so, guests can then refresh their drinks and a little while later he will begin the MindEffex experience for 30 minutes or so (depending on host/hostess requirements).

The Art of Playing Card Mastery

Elegant Playing Card Manipulation
and Close Up Magic

Get ready to experience an evening with one of Canada's top card and close up magicians.

""Please come to Vegas with us!"
(mostly heard after watching CardEffex)

During this 30-40  minute seated close-up show that not only  entertains with card magic, Gerry will take you behind the scenes to show you how "card cheats" actually  work and demonstrate some of their cheating skills. This is one of the reasons why he is in brought in  by production companies  to teach actors how to look like "pros" at the card table.

Is it possible to deal a Royal Flush from a shuffled deck whilst genuinely  blindfolded? In his signature piece he calls "Blind Luck"
you'll see him do exactly that.

During the performance,  he will also demonstrate the psychology of reading minds, knowing what others are thinking, demonstrate phenomonal memory skills and more.  

This is a unique  close up performance that will entertain, baffle,
delight and educate and is perfect for  up to 60 guests who are invited to get in as close as possible to watch the magic!

A gambling scene from the the recent TV show 
"Take Two" where Gerry's hands were used in close up for a major casino scene in the show.