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Magic, but not as you know it!

Gerry Hennessey​​

Unconventional Magician and Actor


You may have heard of close up magic, but have  you ever seen it up close, really close?

As one of Canada's most skilled card magicians and sleight of hand artists, this 30 minute show will astound, amaze and delight.

After this performance, most people say that they want to take him to Vegas with them.

You'll see why

What if you really could read minds?

In this 30 minute show, designed for intimate audiences of up to 60 people, join Gerry as he takes you on a fun magical mystery tour of the mind that will have  your guests talking for months.

Is what he? does Extra Sensory Perception
or Extra Sensory Deception?

You decide!

Technical Advisor

As an actor, Gerry has worked on dozens of tv shows and movies and is often called in as technical advisor,  coach and hand double for many actors including the legendary
Star Wars Actor Mark Hamill.

"I'm standing right beside you and I still don't see how you do it??"

Mark Hamill
(Luke Skywalker)
 Star Wars/The Flash